Wax Digital

Procurement 2020

Skout and Wax Digital look into the future of procurement


Wax Digital is an eProcurement technology provider. Using software that helps them manage spend more effectively, its customers take an innovative approach to their procurement processes and are keen to further the benefits of buying digitally. In order to position Wax Digital as an innovator in its sector, Skout recommended a campaign that explores the future of procurement technology and looks at what the role as a procurement professional will entail in years to come.


In a survey of 100 procurement professionals, we uncovered how the business function prioritises innovation, what it means to them and the approaches they take to encourage it. The research revealed that there are four typical ‘procurement personas,’ which we revealed in a press release and a series of articles for Wax Digital’s key media titles.

Creating an online quiz for Wax Digital’s website, we allowed procurement professionals to take a test that revealed which persona they fit into.

We also carried out extensive interviews with market analysts and eight procurement professionals to establish what the future holds for procurement, what it needs to do to become more innovative and the barriers to progressing. From these qualitative insights we compiled a two-part report that examined the common themes about the future of procurement.


The whole campaign generated an impressive 209 leads for Wax Digital – 19% of the business’ annual target. There were 28 pieces of coverage in relevant media, including top procurement titles such as Supply Management and Spend Matters, giving the research findings high recognition within the procurement community.


As part of an integrated campaign, the report, online quiz and press coverage complemented one another effectively. On Twitter, the campaign achieved over 90 tweets, and over 30 shares and mentions. Success was high on LinkedIn too, achieving over 30 shares and mentions that linked to the online test and coverage. This led to over 33,000 page impressions and over 380 clicks through to the website, making the campaign a driving force behind raising brand awareness and generating business opportunities.

Procurement is a role that has seen some real game changers over the past few years, and that’s set to continue; we were keen to launch a campaign that looked at this in great depth. Skout knew how to uncover how innovative procurement professionals are, and how that’s set to change in the future. The team used this as the basis for some excellent content. Given the amount of leads it generated, and the customer talking points that it has given us, the success of the campaign simply can’t be denied.

Tim Hartley

head of marketing at Wax Digital