Sana Commerce

Spotlight on global digital transformation

Leveraging market research to generate effective thought leadership


Sana Commerce is a B2B e-commerce software provider, offering ‘a shortcut to e-commerce’ through seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. As the driving force behind over 1,200 webstores worldwide, Sana Commerce leverages existing business data in powerful and user-friendly platforms.

The e-commerce provider handed a brief to Skout to devise and deliver a marketing campaign that would position them as a market leader and thought leader on B2B e-commerce and drive traffic to their website.

The company had previously conducted market research and generated media interest, however this wasn’t particularly targeted. Sana operates across a number of geographic territories and targets a niche of manufacturers and wholesalers in food and beverage, construction, automotive and electronics sectors, and was keen to extend its research to develop a better understanding of its global market. To gain maximum value from a market research project PR and marketing need to be integrated and highly targeted across a number of communication channels.

Skout revitalised the market research project so it was able to address the market challenges and needs in each sector and country. Working alongside market research agency, Sapio, a feasibility study was carried out to ensure there would be enough respondents in each target sector for the research to be a valid tool. Once this had been verified, the main research project was launched to identify the role that e-commerce plays now and into the future as part of an organisation’s digital transformation journey.


We developed a core campaign that focused on digital transformation as a thought leadership topic and delivered statistics and content for PR and marketing efforts on a global, national and niche industry basis.

The statistics were cut globally, national, by manufacturer vs wholesaler and then by sector. We worked closely with Sana to develop a programme of marketing content to be rolled out throughout the year.

We worked on a global level to develop corporate and vertical industry specific press releases and articles to ensure the research was appropriate and relevant to each territory.


Skout developed an advisory relationship with Sana to effectively target key markets in each territory and ensure the campaign delivered against its objectives. The campaign generated coverage in Sana’s tier one titles across the world, including IT Pro Portal, Business Cloud and Information Age. Our PR efforts directly supported driving traffic to the website, with over 50% of the coverage including links.

The press releases and associated articles based on the research generated over 1200 downloads of the original digital transformation report, delivering a thought leadership platform and a strong association for Sana in the e-commerce market. Due to the depth and quality of the research the campaign also delivered longevity and provided further press and marketing content opportunities to target Sana’s niche market.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and patience during the research, production and execution of the B2B e-commerce report. Without you and Sapio we couldn’t get the right, relevant analytics to write this beautiful project. Thanks for managing the project and making it a highly successful thought leadership campaign.

Corinne Bijkerk

global marketing program manager at Sana Commerce