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In a crowded landscape, the face of B2B communications is shifting constantly. The situation is very different to five years ago, and right now it is changing again. At Skout, we are aware that it’s not just the media and channels that are evolving: it is the way that businesses operate and react in response to this. We know that we need to meet this ongoing challenge for you with standout thinking and brilliant integrated campaigns. Getting all of your marketing channels working in sync to support your goals delivers a clear ROI.

Our work in this area

Shifting the perception of a leading affiliate marketing platform

Awin has a strong heritage in the world of affiliate marketing, priding itself as one of the biggest players in this space in the world. The network has a mission to connect advertisers and affiliates of all sizes; there are currently over 241,000 contributing publishers and 21,200 advertisers using the platform.

Although Awin is a market leader in the affiliate marketing space, its positioning did not necessarily reflect that. The business turned to Skout to devise and deliver a UK PR campaign around its key messaging, new incentives for users and leverage its mantra of championing people first.

Creating content that generates leads

100% Group is a global retail installation and maintenance business with a strong commitment to sustainability. Working with high-profile brands across the world, they focus on the full lifecycle of a display, including initial design, packaging, transportation and end of life (which includes recycling, repurposing and regifting to charities or community groups).

Skout’s brief was to create a piece of engaging content that would drive traffic to 100% Group’s  website and increase the number of enquiries into the business. We designed a sustainability survey which went to 200 senior figures in the industry and produced a research report about the challenges the retail sector faces.

It didn’t stop there. We pulled together a full campaign around the report, which targeted key decision makers in retail marketing, both brands and agencies. This included blogs, emails, landing pages and social posts to feed into the lead generation machine.

Shaking things up in an integrated campaign

Leading white goods manufacturer, Miele Professional, focused its PR primarily on the laundry side of its business with its washing machines and tumble dryers. But the company also produces a wide range of commercial dishwashing appliances, so we proposed a specific campaign to boost awareness around the launch of a new range.

We tackled the project with an end user approach, by exploring the challenges the hotel and bar industry faced and mapped it back to why Miele’s equipment was so well placed to address their needs.

Our initial desk research focused on the trends in crockery and glassware in the top restaurants and bars all around the UK and Ireland. Once we had the findings, we interviewed a chef and mixologist about the challenges associated with keeping items clean.

We produced a press release about the research findings, which revealed that while crockery was relatively easy, glassware was the real challenge due to the many different types of glasses – caused by the popularity of cocktails.

Our recommendation was for Miele to move away from their brand guidelines and produce a piece of content that echoed a cocktail menu.

Raising awareness of an industry leader

100% Group is an award-winning international retail display and graphics installation specialist working for leading global brands in more than 60 countries across the world. 

Engaging small business customers

Wesleyan Bank enlisted Skout as its B2B PR agency, to increase brand awareness by educating the small business sector on the growth advantages of alternative finance. We created an integrated campaign that would support Wesleyan’s lead generation while positioning it as a market leader across many communication channels.

Global e-commerce thought leadership

E-commerce software provider Sana Commerce briefed Skout to devise and deliver content marketing campaigns to position it as market and thought leader on B2B e-commerce, and drive demand for its solutions.

The future of employee benefits

Grass Roots Employee Solutions developed ‘Phonescheme’ – a cost effective route for employees to access a range of new smartphones. Skout was tasked with launching this new employee benefit to the HR, employee benefits, business, technology, and national media, and to build audience awareness and engagement.

'Immer besser’ B2B marketing

The commercial division of renowned German white goods manufacturer, Miele, was keen to boost awareness and sales of its products within the key commercial sectors of care, hotels, and veterinary practices.

A new approach to communications

Wax Digital identified the benefits of moving from outbound marketing towards an inbound approach, based on increased digital and social media activity and B2B tech PR for brand building. It understood that this would require a constant stream of compelling and engaging content, and that PR-led tier one media coverage would become increasingly critical in the battle to win over target customers.

The future of procurement

eProcurement software provider Wax Digital required a B2B marketing campaign that explored the future of procurement to position the business as an innovator in its sector.

Latest news and views

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