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We are here to work with you at every stage of the PR and influencer journey, whether you are looking to build initial brand awareness through the media, change existing perceptions for the better, support your digital marketing with PR, or tackle a specific audience challenge. Whatever your specific needs are, we will work with you to identify these fully, and tailor your programme to meet them: we are well-known for thinking differently. 

Our work in this area

International brand building through the global media

Based in South Korea, Tridge is an ambitious digital sourcing and market intelligence hub for the global agri-foods sector, providing rich market insights to food buyers and suppliers. With the food sector being one of the most complex from a trading perspective, Tridge wanted to attract large conglomerates as well as venture capitalist investors through awareness and digital validation of the brand.

We put Tridge’s data to work alongside other story assets, to create compelling angles for the top food, commodities, tech and data journalists internationally. We also developed a media nurturing programme designed to target and build ongoing relationships with key publications. To maximise opportunities, we worked closely with Tridge to monitor industry trends and seasonal themes to ensure stories were relevant to the media agenda.

Tackling e-waste

Leading circular IT provider, Stone Group, wanted to raise awareness of its IT asset disposal service and gamechanging IT recycling app, Stone 360, showcasing its fundamental commitment to reducing e-waste. 

A new approach to communications

Wax Digital identified the benefits of moving from outbound marketing towards an inbound approach, based on increased digital and social media activity and B2B tech PR for brand building. It understood that this would require a constant stream of compelling and engaging content, and that PR-led tier one media coverage would become increasingly critical in the battle to win over target customers.

Keeping spokespeople on message

A key element of cloud service provider Redcentric’s B2B PR strategy was the use of technical experts as spokespeople. With the reputation of a new company brand at stake, Skout’s brief was to ensure that every spokesperson received B2B media training to stay on message when talking to journalists.

Awakening the giant campaign

ESPO is one of the UK’s largest public sector buying organisations. This B2B PR brief focused on making more organisations aware of the scale and breadth of the cost-effective products, services and purchasing frameworks ESPO provides. Key objectives were to help extend its brand reach, to educate target markets about the benefits of ESPO, and to generate positive media coverage. 

The future of procurement

eProcurement software provider Wax Digital required a B2B marketing campaign that explored the future of procurement to position the business as an innovator in its sector.

Engaging small business customers

Wesleyan Bank enlisted Skout as its B2B PR agency, to increase brand awareness by educating the small business sector on the growth advantages of alternative finance. We created an integrated campaign that would support Wesleyan’s lead generation while positioning it as a market leader across many communication channels.

Defining the desktop IT agenda

Thinspace was a thin client IT vendor, working to help organisations migrate from PCs to more cost effective, greener, and highly secure cloud-based computing. Needing to make an impact, Thinspace decided to focus on selling to firms still unaware of the benefits of thin client computing.

New to PR, they approached Skout for help and gave us two core objectives: get the company and its products noticed by the IT media and analyst community and help convince IT people of the long-term cost benefits of replacing PCs with thin client technology.

Opening minds to next generation technology

Teneo, a specialist integrator of next generation technology, tasked Skout with devising a UK and US-focused PR programme to raise awareness of both the company’s values and its insights into key business technology issues. As part of this, we identified the topics that Teneo was particularly keen to talk about, such as GDPR, which helped us pitch them to the media as a knowledgeable commentator on the issue just as it was becoming a hot topic.

Also, we conducted a survey of CIOs and took the various themes arising from it to use as hooks to generate further media coverage. 

Raising profile in the legal sector

Law firm SAS Daniels offers a range of legal services to clients across the North West. Keen to raise the profile of its success and growth and increase awareness of the range of services it had to offer, SAS Daniels handed its legal PR brief to Skout.

With legal experts in areas such as property, wills and estate planning and employment law, we focused on the relevant issues that affect local businesses and individuals, and widened media outreach to include regional broadcast opportunities and top tier vertical media.

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