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Posted on 20th November 2018 by Lottie Buckley

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Embarking on a rebrand is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Chances are, you’ll probably have enlisted the services of a professional designer to get the sophisticated and polished new look your brand deserves. Rebranding is a significant step, so it’s important to invest the funds and time into ensuring you get your desired result at the end of the project.

Your branding is about more than just logos and colours. Your messaging, values and objectives all need to be reflected consistently throughout your new branding, so it can be incredibly beneficial to get your comms agency involved in the process. As an integrated PR agency specialising in B2B communications, we’ve been lucky to be involved in a diverse range of branding projects over the years. One example is the work we did with IT service management company, Redcentric, to cement their new brand following a period of acquisitions. Skout implemented a staggered media outreach programme to integrate the brand and reinforce messages consistently.

With so many different things to consider, successfully rolling out a rebrand across your organisation is certainly no mean feat! Here are our tips to help you get rebranding right.


  1. Get everything out on the table

Think – what exactly do you want your rebrand to convey? What are your main objectives? Bring key stakeholders together with your designer and comms agency for an initial brainstorm to share ideas and messaging.

  1. It needs to be better, not just different

Why are you rebranding? Whether you feel your current branding is outdated and no longer reflects your company, or whether you need to reflect a key structural change like a merger, it needs to be an improvement on what you had before. If you’re not sure how bold to be, why not ask your designer to use their creative license? Communicating your brand to someone with a fresh perspective can generate some fresh ideas you may not have considered before.

  1. Consider your customer

Change isn’t always received well, but it’s important to get your customers on board and ensure that your new brand conveys the right messages. It might be helpful to pull together a focus group so you can receive direct feedback from the people that matter most. It’s not always a case of completely changing what you have. Is there a certain element of your branding that works particularly well for you, or something your customers have always associated with you? Try to amplify it!

  1. Where is your brand?

Once you’ve nailed the new identity, rolling it out consistently is key. You need to be thorough in replacing the traces of your old branding, so start by making a list of all the places you have a presence. Think far and wide – your website, social media, online directories, marketing collateral, business stationery etc. It’s a big job, which brings us to…

  1. Time

Give yourself plenty! The devil is in the detail with a rebrand and it can take so much longer than you originally might have thought, especially once you’ve taken into account the numerous rounds of feedback. Be patient and committed to getting the results you really want. Avoid giving yourself strict timescales or launch dates until you’re entirely sure your rebrand is complete and ready to show off to the world.


A rebrand can be a demanding task, but getting your comms agency on board straight away can help move the project in the right direction and ensure your key messaging is portrayed effectively.


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