We love to channel our thinking and B2B PR and marketing knowledge into useful and engaging resources for others to use. Take your pick!

The B2B business relationship report

The B2B relationship renaissance – did digital kill it? The importance of relationships throughout the customer buying journey.

The integration imperative infographic

Why do organisations struggle to integrate their marketing operations?

The integration imperative report

What the death of the CMO tells us about the rebirth of marketing integration – and why it matters to your business

The big divide infographic

We asked 100 senior marketing professionals about their successes and challenges in aligning sales and marketing. View the results here.

The big divide guide

Need help with sales and marketing alignment? Download our guide here.

Measuring and improving B2B PR’s business value

Design, build and track integrated PR performance metrics

50 natural story sources to build B2B audience trust

The 50 natural storytelling sources we’ve used over and over for our clients to great effect

The natural storytelling cookbook

How to put authentic stories at the heart of your marketing and PR

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