Energy and utilities

We are experienced in delivering B2B marketing and PR agency services across the entire energy and utilities industry supply chain.

Upstream, we can provide support to companies in oil and gas production, which often means working directly with power stations, water plants or electricity generators, whether they be powered by fossil fuels, nuclear or renewables. Equally, we’ve worked in the downstream sector focused on the sale and delivery of energy and services to the end-user or consumer.

As an experienced B2B communications provider for the energy sector, at Skout we have worked for many high-profile clients, and we can draw upon deep reserves of knowledge of a highly-competitive market governed by stringent industry rules and regulations and increasingly focused on sustainability to power brand awareness.

In practical terms, whatever role your business plays within the energy and utilities sector, our integrated communications services will help you to build a positive reputation, promote key messages, engage potential customers, win new clients and enhance stakeholder relationships.

Our work in this area

Shining bright in the crowded energy market

Business energy provider Gazprom Energy wanted to build positive brand awareness and demonstrate its understanding of the challenges organisations of all sizes face when it comes to energy management.

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