Food and agriculture

At Skout, we provide B2B marketing, PR and communications services across the food and agriculture industries. The movement of food from farm to fork is a broad and complex sector, with many links in the supply chain, but it is a deeply important one. We can work with producers, farmers or distributors, as well as food processors and manufacturers, food logistics companies, supportive industries such as tech services, food scientists and nutrition specialists. If you work in the fields of food and agriculture, then we are here to ensure that you are recognised as primary specialists in your field, and to stand out from the competition.

While for many sectors there is more of a national focus, the food sector is largely a global concern, not least because food is traded internationally and many of the issues and themes of the sector relate to whole world challenges. For this reason, as an industry it can encounter disturbance, owing to political change and disruption, as well as environmental issues such as extreme weather and climate change impacting food production, food trends and dietary changes or population growth. A sector such as this requires in-depth understanding and communications expertise to navigate challenges in a market that is both competitive and can be turbulent. We are here to help with your specific requirements.

Our work in this area

The Sweet Smell of Success

Despite being one of the UK’s leading developers of innovative air purification systems supplying nationwide brands including KFC, Tesco, Pizza Hut and Harvester, Plasma Clean was still relatively unknown amongst its target market of restaurants and hotels. With ambitious growth plans, the company asked for our help with raising its profile and brand awareness through B2B PR. 

We immediately smelled a ripe opportunity for media coverage! And so, we recommended that Plasma Clean’s PR focused on; profiling the business’ challenges linked to growth; creating thought leadership around the business impact of uncontrolled odours and launching its new and innovative products to the market.

This gave us scope to approach a wide variety of business, trade and general media with a view to getting coverage quickly.

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