An introduction to Human resources

As an agency we’ve regularly provided B2B marketing and PR services for organisations looking to sell their products and services to HR professionals. We ensure that your B2B audience communications are consistent and clear across PR and media relations, digital and social media, and innovative marketing campaigns.

A company that specialises in HR-focused products, tech or services knows all too well that people are at the heart of every organisation, from hiring the right individuals to bring on board to enhance a business, to the requirement to provide resources and benefits for a company’s staff, while ensuring that employment structure such as salary and holiday entitlement is in place and adhered to.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and just as this is undoubtedly true, we know that it takes businesses of many forms and sizes to ensure that a company’s human resources are as bold and bright as they deserve to be, in what is a broad and complex sector.

Whether you’re in the business of HR software, talent development and learning, benefits, wellbeing or outsourcing, we will liaise closely with you, ensuring that you have an approachable, personal and authoritative voice in this competitive marketplace. With our help, your bright communications will ensure that your B2B HR customers have every confidence in you.

Our work in this area

Doubling share of voice for a European HR tech scaleup

The scaleup SaaS employee experience platform LumApps helps teams across the world share the same objectives. Acting as a ‘Digital HQ’, LumApps offers a platform for employees to gather, to be informed and inspired, share knowledge and do great work. The platform is used by some of the world’s largest companies including Electronic Arts, Airbus and Just Eat. The French business had a strong presence in its home territory as well as in the US, but the UK market was a new region to tackle.

LumApps was looking to increase its presence in the UK to help support the marketing strategy, drive leads and build awareness in the market among key HR decision makers, as well as standing out from competitors. The business turned to Skout to create and drive a UK PR campaign around the key messaging and themes that sit at the heart of LumApps’ ethos: employee engagement, employee retention, internal communications and first-in-class technological development.

The future of employee benefits

Grass Roots Employee Solutions developed ‘Phonescheme’ – a cost effective route for employees to access a range of new smartphones. Skout was tasked with launching this new employee benefit to the HR, employee benefits, business, technology, and national media, and to build audience awareness and engagement.

Telling B2B stories with data

Vielife, a global provider of health solutions that drive business improvements, approached Skout when it was looking for a B2B PR agency to increase brand awareness in the UK. It wanted to win strong national and trade media coverage, to increase market authority and drive sales of its online corporate health and wellbeing management platforms. 

In response, we set our sights on national mainstream media coverage, but to get that we needed a strong story with a wide focus. We worked closely with Vielife’s Chief Medical Officer to analyse and interpret data contained in 40,000 personal UK worker health assessments in the Vielife platform. This uncovered the impact that lack of sleep was having on people’s ability to work effectively. The result was the attention-grabbing storyline that UK workers were ‘sleep drunk’.

Bosses Behaving Badly

Skout was approached by UK management consultancy INSPIRING Business Performance to help its new online leadership measurement tool make a big splash in the crowded HR technology marketplace dominated by established names.

We needed to find a unique angle that would hook in journalists, and then put together a product-centred research plan involving over 1,000 employees to obtain relevant supporting data. The research findings were then turned into a series of natural stories which fed into the central media campaign concept of ‘Bosses Behaving Badly: Are British Leaders Denting Profit, Performance and Trust?’ which highlighted the analytical capabilities of the new tool.  

Following the success of the initial launch, we continued the campaign by creating leadership-related B2B PR coverage and social media conversations around topical events.

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