An introduction to Medical, health and social care

The medical, health and social care sector is quite different from any other, being comprised of a highly complex array of, often competing, private and public services, each coming with its own set of unique challenges. For example, social care covers provision in both residential and community support capacities and is serviced numerous businesses and individual agents.

Medical, health and social care is also uniquely subject to high levels of emotional investment – being something that everyone at some point in their lives will come into contact with.

As such, we recognise the need for certain considerations and sensitivities when it comes to communications within the sector, as well as for strong, clear and effective data-driven messaging as a means of build essential relationships between healthcare commissioners and service providers. 

Skout has wide B2B agency experience in medical, health and social care communications, working with both large corporations, public providers and independent businesses. When devising our innovative B2B communication strategies within this sector, we liaise closely with medical, health and social care specialists to assess requirements and put knowledge and experience at the forefront of effective campaigns designed to help our clients win contracts and build key business relationships.

Our work in this area

A Strategy for social success

The professional division of leading white goods manufacturer, Miele, was looking to promote the brand’s premium position within the UK marketplace by increasing awareness through social media channels. A creative and well-planned approach, which could positively impact audiences at each stage of the customer journey, was required. 

We took an integrated approach aligning social media with Miele’s broader content programmes and PR campaigns and, using a mix of media, created social media assets relevant to the company’s core sectors. A monthly calendar helped ensure consistent, on message and relevant posts, and regular analysis allowed us to monitor engagement and work closely with the Miele team to find new ways of increasing audience interaction.

Helping a legal ‘accident helpline’ provider achieve growth

Customer acquisition specialist mmadigital was looking to position itself as a disruptive technology business in the legal sector, and approached Skout to help build B2B brand awareness, educate law firms around the benefits of its innovative services, and boost its employer brand to support future recruitment.

'Immer besser’ B2B marketing

The commercial division of renowned German white goods manufacturer, Miele, was keen to boost awareness and sales of its products within the key commercial sectors of care, hotels, and veterinary practices.

Telling B2B stories with data

Vielife, a global provider of health solutions that drive business improvements, approached Skout when it was looking for a B2B PR agency to increase brand awareness in the UK. It wanted to win strong national and trade media coverage, to increase market authority and drive sales of its online corporate health and wellbeing management platforms. 

In response, we set our sights on national mainstream media coverage, but to get that we needed a strong story with a wide focus. We worked closely with Vielife’s Chief Medical Officer to analyse and interpret data contained in 40,000 personal UK worker health assessments in the Vielife platform. This uncovered the impact that lack of sleep was having on people’s ability to work effectively. The result was the attention-grabbing storyline that UK workers were ‘sleep drunk’.

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