Skout hosts its second B2B PR event

Posted on 3rd September 2018 by Juliet Haley

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Following its popularity in April, Skout PR has decided to run a second B2B PR workshop this Autumn, designed to help local businesses around the North West to benefit from media and communications engagement.

The workshop, presented by Skout’s directors, Rob Skinner and Claire Lamb, has been organised to demonstrate the real value that PR offers to newly started and established businesses alike.

Drawing upon their own expertise and industry experience across multiple sectors Claire and Rob aim to explain to those attending why previous campaigns may not have garnered the outcome they had hoped for and what a company should be doing to achieve the best results.

Rob supports a tailored approach to B2B PR, which draws upon his strategy for “natural storytelling”.

“Every business is sitting on an array of unique and engaging stories that they might not be aware of,” explains Rob. “But they are no use to business if they are not shared with the correct audience.”

In this semi-interactive workshop Rob and Claire aim to comprehensively explain why targeted PR using stories tailored to a specific audience works so much better than making “media noise”.

Attendees will be encouraged to share problems and ideas and to develop solutions together as a practical demonstration of how a well-constructed B2B PR strategy can be used to overcome marketing and sales challenges.

Skout hopes that this B2B event will contribute to growth for businesses in the buoyant northern B2B marketing and creative scene.

The event will be taking place at LEAF on Portland street in Manchester this Thursday (6th September 2018) and is free to attend.

Attendees are welcome from all business sectors, departments and stages of development. Rob and Claire look forward to sharing knowledge amongst friends in the north.



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