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Posted on 25th September 2018 by Kat Wilding

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The summer of 2018 has seen us bask in the hottest heatwave since 1910, and given us a good excuse to eat endless amounts of ice cream and complain about it being too hot in the office. But, while we’ve been enjoying the sunshine over the last few months, we’ve also spent some time defining the values that shape us as a B2B PR agency.

Here at Skout we’re proud to be a diverse team with a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. The ability to be able to pool our resources and learn from one another’s strengths and experiences means that more often than not, we’re able to meet a variety of our client’s communication goals.

For each client we have a dedicated team that has been handpicked to ensure the team with the right skills is in place to meet the campaign objectives, whether that’s achieving high coverage targets, creating a wealth of written content for use across their marketing channels, support with social media or video.

We recently created a campaign plan for a business within the technology sector and as Skout has a great heritage within this sector, this provided us with the perfect opportunity for us to share our knowledge and quickly respond to industry trends and topical issues. New business opportunities allow members of the team to pool their knowledge, answer the brief effectively and demonstrate to the prospective client that we’re the best team for the job. Based on all this information as a team we’re able to continue learning while we create a well-rounded campaign that ticks all the boxes.

Our team is made up of eight individuals and we all understand each other’s and strengths and weakness. To be able to work as a team and to work effectively with our clients it’s important we remain open and share our knowledge after all, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Click here to find out more about our other values.




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