Story time – we’ve all got a tale to tell!

Posted on 25th February 2020 by Fiona

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National Storytelling Week may have already been and gone, but as ‘story telling’ is what we do here at Skout, we’ve decided to keep the theme going and share with you our favourite type of stories.

Now, some might say it’s because I’m extremely nosey, but my favourite story type is the biography. From sporting heroes through to rock stars and political figures, I really enjoy finding out what makes these characters tick and what drives them to reach the top of their game. Not only do they provide real insights into the behaviours of famous individuals, I also think they provide life lessons as to how these people overcame difficulties or challenges in their life or career to achieve their success.

According to Amazon, the top three biographies right now are no.1 Tyson Fury: Behind the Mask; no.2 Becoming Michelle Obama; no. 3 The Saboteur of Auschwitz. I haven’t read any of these yet, but they’re all on my list!

The latest biography I’ve added to my collection is Andrew Ridgeley’s ‘Wham, George and me’. This will come as no surprise to those who understand my love of all things 80s, and I can’t wait to read it to learn more about the beginnings of the band, and why they split after a relatively short career.

Personal stories aren’t just for the rich and famous however and shouldn’t be overlooked as a B2B PR tool. Often, it’s the stories behind the brands that make the media sit up and take notice. Business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs often have very interesting tales to tell about their early careers and their journey to business success.

People are interested in people and often business owners telling their own success stories can be an effective way to raise their profile and that of the business. The path to success rarely runs smoothly, and many entrepreneurs will have compelling ‘warts ‘n’ all’ tales to tell about how they built their business or successfully transformed its success.

Here’s an example of how we took one of our client’s stories on how he managed to transform UK sales when he joined a leading white goods manufacturer by introducing a new and innovative route to market. We told this story to leading business title, Management Today, leading to a great piece of coverage for our client.

Does your business have interesting stories to tell? If so, we’d love to hear! Also, any great biographies you think I should add to my list? Recommendations are always welcome.



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