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Posted on 15th January 2019 by Lottie Buckley

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Celine’s take on the importance of the in-house marketing team

CEO, CFO, CCO, HR, CTO & Sales Director. What do these roles all have in common? They are all job titles and positions that are more than often listed under senior management/executive team sections on company websites. But why, oh why, do we very (VERY) rarely see CMO or Marketing Directors listed here? I’m obviously very bias but I strongly feel that these positions continue to be viewed as secondary or ‘nice to have’ in many organisations.

It is my full belief that without a decent marketing strategy, a business is at serious risk of not achieving its full potential (and by potential, yes I mean sales!) so why do marketing teams still struggle to be seen as a necessity when building out a business strategy?

I understand that the term marketing within an organisation can mean anything from a single person working directly under the CEO, right through to a global team of marketeers all with different geographical remits and operating with different suppliers worldwide and all with varying budgets. And that’s fine but let’s face it, marketing is important because it helps businesses sell products or services. The bottom line of any business is to make money and marketing is an essential channel to reach that end goal. Without it, many businesses would struggle to exist because, done well, marketing is ultimately what drives sales.

As well as helping to drive sales, marketing also has the power to make or break a brand’s reputation. It allows businesses to maintain long-lasting relationships with its audience that in the long-term results in repeat sales and organic growth.

There are many (many) elements to the term marketing and it’s completely down to the marketing teams to decide which elements are required in order to meet their objectives, as well as to keep abreast of market trends and the latest research in order to determine what is best for the company. This can sometimes feel a bit like a game of ‘spinning plates’ but with the correct level of support internally from all stakeholders as well as being allowed to take that vision to implement these strategies, marketing teams can do a great job! One thing I will say is that, while often overlooked, aligning marketing strategies with sales strategies will go along way to helping marketeers achieve those goals and something that used to go unnoticed, now has the real power to enable both teams to work together to achieve the same goal!

So come on people, lets get behind marketing teams and give them the support they need and the recognition they deserve, in order to help businesses grow and achieve those targets!


We need you!

We’re hiring here at Skout. We’re looking for an amazing, hands-on, get stuck in, sort us out office, HR and finance administrator to join our team. We need someone proactive who is not only going to take on the current processes in these areas but be able to review their effectiveness and advise/recommend/implement improvements.   […]


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