The Big Divide

How well aligned are your sales and marketing strategies?

Reports suggest that a fully aligned sales and marketing plan can generate 208% more revenue. But how can you unite the big Sales and Marketing Divide? Welcome to our dedicated page filled with information about how you can bring the two strategies together successfully.

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The Big Divide

We asked 100 senior marketing professionals about their successes and challenges in aligning sales and marketing.

This infographic details the very interesting and surprising results! Take a look here.

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The Big Divide guide

Need help with sales and marketing alignment? Here’s our easy to follow guide for you to download and digest!

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Find out more about how aligning sales and marketing has helped our clients.

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The Big Divide guide

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The Big Divide

We’ve produced a series of short videos from the Skout team, covering key discussion points and our tips for implementing a successful sales and marketing strategy. Take a look and let us know what you think!

An introduction

Top tips to smarketing

Aligning sales and marketing

A content marketing perspective

The disconnect between sales and marketing

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