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Posted on 11th July 2019 by skout user admin

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An introduction

In a competitive B2B marketing world, it’s important to have both sales and marketing strategies successfully aligned. However, according to our research, only 1 in 4 marketers have successfully done so. So how can you ensure that both teams work together to overcome “The Big Divide”?

Top tips to smarketing

Here are some of our top tips to get smarketing working effectively! Tip 1) Meet regularly with the sales team Tip 2) Have good communication channels Tip 3) Include the sales team in all your marketing strategies Tip 4) Focus on the sales funnel.

Aligning sales and marketing

Smarketing is all about aligning sales and marketing. Yet, only 1 in 4 b2b marketers claim to have integrated these strategies, with 28% claiming success. There is clearly more work to be done in this area to get smarketing working better!

A content marketing perspective

Over half of B2B marketers think sales don’t value the content they produce! Content needs to be 1) filling the sales funnel 2) nurturing leads in to viable prospects, and 3) helping sales close the deal.

The disconnect between sales and marketing

Our research has shown that there is a lack of integration between sales and marketing in B2B, which we term ‘”The Big Divide”. These two strategies need to be connected for benefits to business growth and return on investment.



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