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We Are Hiring!

Junior account executive

We are looking for a bright, confident, enthusiastic self-starter who is keen to start or further their early career in B2B public relations with a keen interest in social media, content development and digital communications.

Job summary

As a key part of the PR, content and digital team, you can expect to develop your skills in media handling, client relationships, writing, brand development, marketing communications with a focus on delivering social media for our clients.

Role overview

While Skout’s clients work across a variety of sectors, many of our clients are at the forefront of innovation and we also have some big brands on our books too. There will be plenty of interesting topics to learn about and get your teeth into.

This job is also an opportunity to learn from some of the best PR practitioners in the region. We will also provide you with a supportive environment – one where you can grow and develop.

Daily activities

We will help and develop you to become a super well-rounded B2B PR professional, at the same time you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in supporting our clients and the team in achieving objectives from day one.  Activities include: –

  • creating content and managing social feeds on behalf of clients
  • client and media liaison
  • monitoring the media for client opportunities 
  • working as part of an account team to implement PR programmes
  • research, writing and pitching press releases to targeted media
  • collating, analysing and evaluating media coverage
  • helping to develop and implement creative campaigns that cross PR, content and digital media
  • writing and creating powerful content – whether that’s video scripts, white papers or paid social media
  • undertaking research for new business proposals
  • helping organise Skout’s business and social events

In addition to PR responsibilities, we will expect you to support clients administratively by

  • maintaining client files
  • ensuring daily processes are followed
  • client reporting
  • coverage monitoring

Required skills, education and qualifications

  • A basic understanding of B2B PR, ideally with some experience although not essential
  • Confidence to pick up the phone without fear and remain professional
  • A good command of the English language and grammar – a passion for writing would be a big bonus!
  • Be confident when sharing ideas and observations with the team, with the media and with clients
  • Know their way around social media including how to plan, execute and evaluate successful programmes
  • Be a self-starter – you’re the master of your own destiny
  • Understand the basics of what a good story is – and how to craft it
  • Be interested in your environment – from the technology you use at home and work to the way you interact with others
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills
  • Competent in Microsoft Office 365


  • Competitive salary
  • Annual bonus based on individual and company performance
  • Training budget per person
  • Health benefits – enhanced sick pay, opt in dental insurance
  • Generous holiday allowance including day off for your birthday
  • Reward platform
  • Team social events
  • Relaxed dress code, except when visiting clients
  • Early finish on a Friday
  • A home based/Macclesfield office split

About Skout

With its roots in B2B PR, Skout provides its clients with content strategy and development, as well as other digital communication programmes. While its clients may sit in a variety of industries, one thing connects them all: that they’re focused on building brands in the B2B sector. That’s where Skout comes in.

Skout believes in foraging for stories. Whether those go on to be press releases, articles, blogs, tweets or infographics, Skout starts by finding and identifying stories that are meaningful for its clients and its audiences.

While Skout is small, it’s staffed by experienced account handlers. This means our clients get the knowledge and understanding that comes from being around the block once or twice, it also means that we’re not afraid to push boundaries, since we’ve done that a few times too. 

If you are interested in joining our team submit your covering letter and CV to alex.gladwin@Skoutpr.com or click here.

About this article

Read time:

4 minutes


Skout news

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