Why it doesn’t have to be a man’s world

Posted on 25th March 2020 by Fiona

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As we continue to recognise inspirational women in celebration of International Women’s Day, today’s blog focuses on Jurigita (Gita) Andrijauskaite from one of our client’s, software provider, Wax Digital.

Gita is an eProcurement consultant and has worked in the tech sector for many years. Refreshingly, she tells us she has only had positive experiences of working in heavily male-dominated dominated environments and believes that gender shouldn’t prevent women from reaching their full potential in STEM careers.

Fortunately, Gita has never experienced prejudice working in a male-dominated sector and believes women have the potential to perform just as well, if not better than men.

Gita believes men often succeed in business more easily than women because they have the confidence to seize opportunities when they arise; take credit for their successes; and don’t shy away from asking for what they want. Overcoming self-doubt is what sets successful women apart and as she has become more experienced and confident in her role, any fears she had over not being taken seriously have disappeared.

Having been supported throughout her career by both male and female mentors, Gita understands what both men and women have to offer the workplace. The things she has learnt from them include the need to consider the big picture, not be risk averse and, also not to let perfection get in the way of progress.

Gita advises any women joining male-dominated environments to go for it, and not to try and act like a man! She believes it’s vital to focus on what you’re truly passionate about and to bring it your work. For Gita, it’s all about working with people first and technology second. She believes it takes great people to build technology, make decisions, and to apply and manage it to get results.

Gita also wants to women support each other more to bring about a positive change in gender equality in the workplace. She also hopes this will encourage more female graduates to seek careers in the STEM industries.

Inspiring advice from Gita! If any of our other clients have advice for women working in male-dominated environments, please let us know. We’d love to hear your stories.


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