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Posted on 5th April 2019 by Lottie Buckley

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You may have seen that we’re hoping to expand the team here at Skout and we’re on the lookout for an account executive and an account director. We’re currently a team of eight, but thanks to our continued growth and exciting new client wins, we need more hands on deck and we’re excited at the prospect of welcoming new Skouts to the team! But aside from a rewarding and fulfilling career at a bright young PR agency, what does life at Skout offer?

  1. A wonderful and talented team

Okay, so we may be a little biased, but in our opinion you couldn’t wish to work with a better bunch! We’re a mixed bag of ages, personalities, skills, interests and Netflix favourites – and we’re ready to welcome more variety into the mix. Our tight-knit team currently consists of two hands-on company directors, an account director, a super-organised office manager, two account managers and an account executive. Topics of conversation in the office range from the implications of Brexit on global retail logistics to Gemma Collins’ latest Instagram post! We can safely say that no two days are the same.

  1. A fun, vibrant office atmosphere

Life at Skout is never dull – even on a Monday morning (honest) – and that is, in part, thanks to our lovely bright and cheery branded office. As I look around now I see our colourful new wall art displaying our company values (they’re literally front and centre at all times!) a table for all of our awards (which I’d smugly like to add now spill onto the neighbouring windowsill), our noticeboard adorned with photos (if you can’t locate us at an awards event check the photobooth), and our most recent addition – the souvenirs shelf, where Skouts can contribute an interesting find from their travels. Admittedly, this was an idea we borrowed from our lovely client 100% Group. Next door is our meeting room and breakout area, complete with sofa, coffee machine and a grazing table (with lots of healthy and not-so-healthy treats to tuck into).

  1. Monthly breakfasts

Although we meet every Monday morning to run through our whereabouts and priorities for the week, we also take the time every month to catch up over breakfast. Whether we nip to a local café or buy in the butties, it’s always a nice treat. We like to change things up and try new places too – our last breakfast took place at Arighi Bianchi café!

  1. Flexible working

While it’s nice to have as many Skouts in the office as possible, we appreciate that this, as well as the normal 9-5, isn’t always feasible. The parents in the office know better than anyone that things don’t always work out to plan! At Skout, we provide flexibility to make the balancing act a little easier. Each Skout has their own laptop and secure remote access to all our files and folders so we can work effectively from anywhere – Wi-Fi and coffee preferable.

  1. Team activities

As well as our monthly breakfasts, at Skout we’re known to have a few other extra-curricular activities! These include;

  • Our annual offsite, where we catch up on business updates and then usually one too many drinks!
  • Numerous award ceremonies (but the following morning in the office is not always so nice!)
  • Junkyard Golf
  • Delicious cocktails at The Washroom (laundrette-themed secret bar, shh) This was clearly research for our client, Miele
  • Our German beer hall-themed Christmas party at Bierkeller – dancing on benches advised!
  • Wedding watch – a slightly more ad hoc activity as and when we catch onto any impending nuptials but enjoyed none the less. When you work opposite from Macclesfield town hall it would be rude not to join in the celebrations!

Think you’d be a great fit for the Skout team? We’d love to hear from you. Please email your CV and a little bit about yourself to info@www.skoutpr.com


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